I have been thinking about what I want to put on this site and I’ve almost decided. It’s going to be something of an instructional, how-to blog, I’m almost certain. Cooking isn’t taught in school any more and moms who work outside the home don’t necessarily have the time to teach their kids how to cook. Heck, they barely have time to cook for their families at all.

My good friend, Nancy Binetti, started a mini cooking school for her daughter Molly and her friends when Molly was at Marquette University. Molls would bring her friends home on the weekend and Nancy would have devised a simple meal plan for them to make. The girls loved it. The meals weren’t all that fancy – just some basic survival cooking.

There will also be some old favorite recipes of mine – and John’s. He would never let me do this without adding in his two cents worth, as evidenced by his addition of a recipe before I ever got to type a word. Maybe I’ll cook even more of the multitude of recipes I’ve posted on Facebook and share the results here. Don’t worry, failures as well as successes will be included.

If any of you have a recipe that I *simply must* put on here, let me know. I’m happy to share my space and will give full credit to the originating chef. If there is a topic you’d like me to investigate or elaborate upon, let me know.

Wish me luck! After all, you all will be the ones eating my recipes in the end.

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